The Hull Package


When it comes finding the best family boat, performance, comfort and safety are everything.

When you're spending entire days on the water—and oftentimes extending that fun into the evening—you want a boat that can deliver thrills with confidence. Larson hulls do this brilliantly, thanks to the following:

  • A 21-degree deadrise is among the steepest in the industry, allowing for a smooth ride in even the roughest water.
  • Larson boat manufacturers don't use any wood in the build process, not even for the smallest parts. Instead, they use composite material, making the hull and transom rot-proof and sturdy for durability that lasts a lifetime.
  • Our stringers (the structural system of the boat) have a wide footprint for added strength.
  • Wide reverse chines make for super quick planing, minimal bow rise and a dry ride.